The R.E.M. Lee Theatre

Seating Capacity: 702
Floating front row for flexible wheelchair accommodation.
Removable Orchestra Pit - dropping to floor level or lower
2 dressing rooms
Loading Dock is at 36"


Yamaha Grand Piano
Yamaha Upright Piano
40 Black Wengar Musicians Chairs
5 Black Wengar performance stools.


Soundcraft GB4 24 Channel console
24 on stage channels from snake on Stage Right

Left and Right Mains with FCS 966 Constant Q Graphic equaliser
No Centre Main separate EQ

4 JBL MRX500 series monitors with separate dbx 1231 graphic equalizers
4 crown XLS series amplifiers.


ETC Express 24/48
96 dimmers (see circuit map)

2 Chauvet TFX-FS360 Followspots
Front wash lit by Source 4 36

Spirits, which by mine art I have from their confines call’d to enact My present fancies. 
The Tempest