The R.E.M. Lee Theatre

Shure Beta 52 microphone - Needed 1

R. E. M. Lee Theatre Wish List

Quoted $558  February 2017

Total Package Quoted $12,331.20  October 2016

Radial 12 channel stage flea / 50 ft - Needed 1

Estimated at $300,000  October 2016

Quoted $275  February 2017

Our Seats are 40 years old.
The backs and arms are worn.
Our audiences pointed to the seats as the area that could be most improved upon.

DMX Colour Change Lighting Instruments - Needed 6

ETC ColorSource LED Spot Light Engine w/ Barrel, Black
Complete with soft-focus diffuser in a gobo holder,
Lens Tube 70° Source 4 Leko ETC

BETA 52A Kick Drum Microphone
Optimized for low-frequency bass punch/high-power SPL handling. Designed for kick drum.

The R. E. M. Lee Theatre Alive (1988) Society is the agency through which an average of $17,000 per year is donated to upgrade and enhance the R. E. M. Lee Theatre. The R. E. M. Lee Theatre Alive (1988) Society is a registered charity and is pleased to issue tax receipts. Please consider donating to our Theatre.

The StageFlea is a small format professional snake designed to last a lifetime. Available in 6 to 16 channel configurations with some models featuring return channels. The StageFlea is ideal for extending inputs from a main snake to zones such as drum and keyboard risers.

New Seats and Carpet